CNN blames Trump for not covering negative Hillary news


Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort says that media covers Trump campaign unfairly and is following Clinton talking points and he is exactly right!

Paul Manafort goes through a list of serious issues that CNN should have been focusing on but instead choose to ignore because it would be harmful to their “Dear leader” Kim Jong-un….ooops I mean Hillary Clinton.

Some of the issues CNN chose to ignore include evidence of “Pay to Play” found in some of Hillary’s emails that weren’t turned over to the justice department.

Instead CNN and the rest of the MSM decided to focus on a comment that Donald Trump made regarding the 2nd Amendment and supreme court nomination picks. Twisting that comment to mean that Trump is calling for violence.

It is widely known that CNN (masquerading as a news channel) is completely behind and actively promoting Hillary Clinton for President. So for Jake Tapper to say they cover the substance of the race when it comes to Hillary Clinton is laughable.

Also, both campaigns released economic programs and CNN did not cover it. I guess that wasn’t important enough in a presidential race. They couldn’t take time out from their Trump bashing to actually cover something the voters want to and need to know before voting.

Jake Tapper goes on to blame CNN’s lack of coverage on Donald Trump because he was “off message”. What a joke!

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  • Carl Timothy Smith

    Just stop watching their lies.