RESPECT! Watch Dozens of Police show up to escort Trump in Florida


The police obviously know which candidate has their back that is not Hillary Clinton. Donald J. Trump is the law and order candidate and the police in Florida gave him the respect he gives them with this massive police escort. 

Hillary will NEVER get this type of respect by police because they know she loathes them.

“The police in our country do not get respect. Our law enforcement officers deserve our appreciation for the incredible job they do.” – Donald J. Trump



  • Really

    Love our LE officers.

  • William

    The names of these cops need to be made known to the public. All of them. If Trump ever were to become President these goons would be his Kripo/Brownshirts, his enforcers.

  • llllll.ffffff2016

    Thanks Donald for your support of law enforcement. With Barry the clown in the white house now and his outright disdain for police officers and military, those guys can use your support.

    Trump 2016!!!