Crybaby Jeb Bush Blames Pope for Rise of Trump


In an interview on MSNBC failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush seemed to blame everybody but himself for his rejection by the voters. Jeb Bush called out Pope Francis for his open borders comments while visiting the US-Mexico border saying that:

“[The Pope] was talking about basically open borders at a time when the whole Trump phenomenon was to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. [The Pope] literally goes to the border for a massive mass,” Bush said. “I don’t think he should be intervening… I don’t think he understood he was intervening in our political affairs.”

What Jeb Bush won’t say is that he agrees with open borders and that was one of the reasons the people rejected him.

He also blamed North Carolina governor Nikki Haley for endorsing Marco Rubio when he, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were in a 3 way tie for North Carolina. Never once did Jeb Bush acknowledge that the voters rejected him personally and his policies.

Jeb Bush is a typical career politician who is only out for himself and the American people easily saw through him. The only thing he had to offer was the failed policies of his brother and father which tanked the country and gave rise to Obama.

Plenty of time has gone by for Jeb Bush to get over his hurt ego and support Donald Trump for president for the good of the country. Anything less at this point is an endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

If he really was a patriotic American like he wants us to believe, he would suck up his issues with Trump and find common ground to join the fight to defeat Hillary Clinton. But to a baby man like Jeb Bush it is his way or no way at all and the country can burn down for all he is concerned.

What does he care? He is on the inside so he and his family will prosper while everybody else suffers.