ISIS Mass Murderer Omar Mateen Was Hillary Clinton Supporter


Omar Mateen, the gunman who killed 49 people in an attack on a gay Orlando nightclub on June 12 was Hillary Clinton supporter according to a friend.

The friend who warned the FBI about Omar stated the following:

Omar and I continued to have infrequent conversations over the next few years. I last saw him at a dinner at his father’s house in January. We talked about the presidential election and debated our views of the candidates that were running – he liked Hillary Clinton and I liked Bernie Sanders. This banter continued through texts and phone calls for several months. My last conversation with Omar was by phone in mid-May. He called me while he was at the beach with his son to tell me about a vacation he’d taken with his father to Orlando the previous weekend. He’d been impressed by the local mosque.

Previous reports also showed that Omar Marteen was a registered democrat.